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In my very first post I quoted Zethu saying, “if you point the gun you must have an intention to shoot” and I’ve been reminding myself of this constantly, not only to shoot but to aim and hit the target. I will most likely miss a couple of times,  it will take time. However I believe I will hit the bulls- eye.  People will always want to tell YOU, about YOU. It makes them more comfortable to box you in a some kind of category because then they think they know what to expect from you. The minute you exceed those expectations, you find them low-key getting mad at you for no good reason and looking at you like you changed, when in fact this whole time they were not listening or taking you seriously when you were sharing your dreams, thinking that you had your head in the clouds. So now when you finally growing into that person you had dreamt of being, it’s shocking to them.  Don’t let that deter you, go on and dream BIG… so big that you have to become the person that can attain those dreams. Running track in primary school, I remember my coach always saying that your main focus is getting to the finish line, as fast as you can. Do not look sideways and do not look behind you. Keep your FOCUS straight ahead.
With that said, working on this blog is really fun but it requires a lot of work. Looking from the outside, and looking at all these glamorous bloggers, one would think its easy until you take a shot at it. However I absolutely love doing this, a grown up girl playing dress-up! Documenting this time of my life is the icing on the cake 🙂

So like I’m so obsessed with burgundy (amongst other colours ) that I have two looks for this post 🙂
Look 1












Pinafore dress: Cotton On
Top: Cotton On
Scarf: Cotton On
Boots: Foschini
Sunglasses: H&M
Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @meyouandtheview)











Look 2

Leather Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Cotton
Jeans: News jeans Foschini
Heels: Aldo Shoes
Specs: Spitfire
Hat: Foschini
Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @meyouandtheview

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  • Aim-Shoot-Boom
    You’re hitting the target every time Burd.
    Don’t worry bout what the world says, worry about your heart!
    Love this!

  • OG I really enjoy your blog babe. Keep going dear and never doubt your talent. You’ve always been a fashionista and you’re doing exceptionally well!! All the best??

    • Aaaaah Zaza. …..Thank you love. Your support means the world to me, from one fashionista to another?

  • This is amazing. Great message you have there.

  • But your sense of style is on point!..
    Much love

  • Absolutely loving and enjoying ur blog..I could totally wear black 365 days of the year too..I will stop wearing black when they make a darker colour..


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