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Back to Black


My favourite colour!!!Okay lemme tell you something. I can wear this colour everyday if I could. I had made a promise to my closet that I would give it some colour this winter, just to get out of the usual Blacks and greys it has every winter. I will keep you guys updated as I hunt for some colourful winter items. In this post, I took it back to basics, back to black. I had been looking everywhere even online for a great looking black duster coat. The one that everyone has been spotting (the waterfall coat) is a tad bit light for my liking, so I was searching for something that had a bit more structure and weight. I came across this beauty on one of my visits to China market. I know what you’re thinking, but look I’m a big bargain shopper. If I can find a great statement piece at an amazing price, I’m on it! After all, style can never be bought.





















Duster coat: China Market
Jersey : H&M
Jeans: Mr. Price
Sneakers: Adidas Original Superstars – Sportscene
Sunglasses: Mr. Price
Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @meyouandtheview)

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