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Yes!!!! the site is finally up! if you didn’t know, I have started a women’s clothing brand that will be making beautiful proudly produced african garments. This will be the 1st of a four part series I will be blogging apart with regards to the first range of Angalia clothing. I will call this one LOVE. Why you ask? well let me break it down…….it started here. The corny line of having so much passion and yes LOVE for fashion. I was raised by a teacher and a seamstress from the Vaal, a small town south from Johannesburg. Just like most kids I spent most of my time with mom, I loved going fabric shopping with her and felt happiest and most comfortable in a fabric and craft store. I ended up choosing a far more “well paying” “safe” and more “estemeed” career choice, well that’s in the eyes of main stream society. I ended being an accountant. I wont bore you into the details of how miserable corporate SA made me feel but rather let’s get back to the love of my life.
We all know love can make you do some crazy and dumb shit at times, others would even say my; embarking on this journey is crazy. What if it doesn’t work out? they say……..and more often then not I reply back saying, but what if it does???? can you imagine that?
I spent a big chunk of 2015 actually getting to know myself and just trying to be a better version of myself. I made a choice to do more of the things that make me happy. One of the first things I did was to buy a sewing machine. Then the blog followed and now ANGALIA. However the real love story here, was making a decision to surround myself with people (when I say people I actually mean one person in particular) that bring the best in me. There are a lot of people who have contributed and are still contributing to this Journey, but there’s one particular person who made me look at the world and myself in a different way. I dedicate this moment to him. LOVE, where it all began. A big shout out and a gigantic Thank you to Zethu Mashika.
We took these shots on holiday in Stone town, Zanzibar a couple of weeks ago. I will have three more blog posts showcasing the range, So do stay tuned.
You guys might have seen this skirt as I wore last year to Ayanda Thabethe’s Legit launch. You will find these two items online Angalia Apparel
Happy shopping!!!
Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @meyouantheview)

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  • awww my eyes teary reading this post. You have done well and this is just the beginning. congratulations

    • Thank you buddy!!!!!

  • I need to purchase this outfit…I’m a medium size(34). Do you guys courier?


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