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“You need to try not to vocalise the things that bother you because then you perpetuate them even further. Focus on the good, focus on what feels good. Concentrate on what is good to you, concentrate on what nourishes your soul” – Said a very good friend of mine. I have been told all I do lately is complain, “I’m tired…” “I’m fat…” “work this, work that”. Which is completely true!!!??   It has been a very busy couple of months and most days I don’t know if I’m coming or going. A lot of changes have left me unsettled. Hopefully with a changed mind-set, things are going to go back to what I will call a “new normal”.

Amongst other things, this blog is my primary motivation to wake up every day. It’s my sacred space.  I’ve always had a solution based mind-set, If I don’t like something in my life, I tackle it head on and fix it. I am constantly trying to improve myself, however I would be the first to admit that I haven’t been so great at that lately. For example the day we took these snaps, I realised my bra strap was showing in almost all the pictures, the HORROR!!!!!!  I thought to myself… “babe, why didn’t you tell me? why didn’t this bra strap allow me to be great?” But then I realised, Nothing in this life of sin is perfect. I sure am not and never will be, and that’s okay.  Everything I am not, makes me who I am.  I will focus my energies on being good to the people around me, but most importantly being good and kinder to myself. One gets so caught up being self-involved and forgets to see just how blessed they are. So in this second quarter of the year, Goodness will be trending in my life.

A casual but not basic look for this post. It was an easy Saturday, so I went with a white long shirt from Cotton On and black ripped jeans from Mr Price. Heels are from Fashion express (now called the Fix) . I got this bag from one of my best friends. Shades are from Jays Jays and my accessories (incl. Earrings) are all from ALDO shoes.



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Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @meyouandtheview)

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I did myself the biggest favour and finally went to one of NtoZinhle’s pop up store that took place in the Vaal this past weekend. If you didn’t know, let me get you clued up. NtoZinhle (Meaning beautiful things), true to it’s name, sells the most exquisitely crafted pieces of African jewellery. If you familiar with this brand, you probably thinking I’m so late!! I know, right?! I am just as shocked that it took me this long to get my hands on what I call “a work of art”.

You will see more pieces I bought, in the next coming posts. In this look however I took advantage of the last few glimpses of summer and I’ll be focusing on the accessories because they’re are the heart of this outfit. I am wearing a maasai headwrap, Dzilla neck rings and beaded bangles, all from NtoZinhle Accessorize (IG: @ntozinhle_accessorize)


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Photography: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @zethu_mash



On this Sunday, My boyfriend and I went around driving again looking for the perfect spot to take these pictures. We landed right in the heart of Brixton. As you will see by the pictures I chose, we took them at different locations in Brixton. I loved all the different textures this place had to offer mainly because it made for beautiful backdrops. A place known for its violent crimes but also a place rich in architecture.

This look was centred around these mustard tassel ankle tie heels from the Boity x Legit range. A friend of mine and I searched high and low for the red ones. They were sold out in seconds and as per usual, big sizes were left. We eventually got the phase 3 pair in a mustard colour. I love them!!!!


















Outfit details

Top: H&M
Leather skirt: Legit
Shoes: Legit
Glasses: Mr. Price
Headwrap: Thrift store
Earings: China Market
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @zethu_mash)


Maasai beauty

Owning a piece of African jewelry is more than just that. It’s possessing a world of culture and history in its own beautiful form. Even though there is history and meaning behind each piece, it’s the art in the jewelry that grabs the attention of most collectors just like myself. I got this beautifully crafted piece at a flee market. I was told by the gentleman selling these that his jewelry is originally made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya.



















Outfit Details

Top: Mr. Price
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden Slithur Heels
Maasai neckpiece: Flee market
Sunglasses: Spitfire
Hat: Thrift store
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter” @zethu_mash)


Crazy over olive

Maybe olive green is the new black? The colour that everyone and their mommas have been wearing this past summer!












Outfit Details

Top: Cotton on
Jeggings: H&M
Shoes: Stessy heels Aldo
Fringe Bag: Foschini
Sunglasses: Cotton on
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG: @zethu_mash)


Corporate Africa

Simple. Clean. Chic. . Rushing to meetings all day and you still want to look your best?
Without sounding too much like an infomercial Lol…!  These cute comfortable formal flats will take you right through your busy day and still maintain a stylish yet comfortable corporate look. These would be my basic personal corporate necessities.




















Outfit details

Shirt: Mr Price
Pants: H&M
Neckpiece: Street Vendor
Shoes: Legit
Glasses: Mr. Price
Messenger bag: Legit
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG: @zethu_mash)



African Crown

By now you’re probably thinking, “her head is always covered, my gully”. Well with time you’ll see that I love to cover my head. If it’s not a dramatic hat, it’ll be an African style head-wrap, just like a queen owning her throne. You’ll also see that my favourite colour is black.

On this particular day, we were on our way to the first ever Black Girls only event that took place at the Constitution Hill. The much anticipated, very controversial event was, I must say, lots of fun. Now if you didn’t know, this event took place on the 31st of January and it was an event specifically for black girls only. I invited one of my friends, who declined the invite mainly because she felt that the exclusion of white girls contributes to a bigger division between races. Now I attended mainly because I understood what kind of platform that was. I understood it to be a platform for black woman to come together in a space were they would share their experiences as black women. A platform for black woman to freely express themselves about their daily struggles of abuse, gender discrimination and the pink elephant that’s in the corporate sphere, Racism. A platform to heal and uplift one another. I would like to clarify that in my opinion this event was in no way suggesting that white woman don’t suffer from the same issues, however the scales of exposure to these issues differs greatly between white and black women. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for them to relate to a lot of issues that black women are confronted with. This is why it’s so important to have such groups. It was an amazing feeling seeing black woman, all dressed in black, supporting each other. It was such a refreshing sight, compared to the rachetness that we call “reality” TV, showing black women at each other’s throats. Without making it seem like it was kumbaya moment, the event was for business upliftment (food & clothing stalls), Exchanging of books, motivational speakers taking the stage and just a good ‘ol turn up of just black girls. It was a beautiful day indeed.

This is what I wore to the event. Now I wish I had taken pictures at the event to accompany this long article about it. I wasn’t there to cover an event feature for TLIW, in hindsight, I wish I did.












Outfit details

Black bodysuit: Jay Jays
Black A-Line skirt: Mr. Price
Heels: Steve Madden
Head-wrap: A gift from Malawi
Belt: Thrift Store
Sunglasses: H&M


Platform Brogue-ing

If you can provide me with height and comfort all in one shoe, then I’m the happiest girl in the world. I’m the ultimate bargain shopper and I’m always looking for sales. I found these gems at China Market. Platform Brogues have been on trend this past summer and when I saw this pair, I lost my mind. I paired these with simple black jeans, a grey Bowie T-shirt and a Yankee cap to finish off this look.
















Outfit details
T-Shirt: Cotton on
Jeans: Jays Jays
Shoes: China Market
Sunglasses: H&M
Bag: H&M
Fury bag accessories: Mr. Price
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @zethu_mash)


Extraordinarily ordinary


I am a dresses kinda girl. I like the easiness of throwing a one piece outfit on and a ready-to-go kinda look, I work in a corporate environment and since I’m not a morning person , putting on a dress in the morning is an easy, simple yet sophisticated outfit, but that’s a post for a another day.




IMG_8373 (2)












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Outfit details

Dress: H&M
Hat: Thrift store in Melville
Shoes: Mr. Price
Sunglasses: Cotton on
Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG/twitter: @zethu_mash)

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Just pull the trigger.

So we’re at the shooting range, and the first thing my boyfriend says to me is, “only point the gun, if you have an intention to shoot”. My boyfriend (Also the guy who is responsible for these amazing pictures) had taken me to the shooting range that day. It was my very first time holding and firing a gun. I have to say, I was really scared for the most part, To have so much power placed in my hands really frightened the living daylights outta me! As my body eased a little bit into that assault rifle, I made a conscious decision to take charge and try to pull the inner Lara Croft out of me.

Now, what does this have to do with anything? That little excursion to the shooting range later lead to me taking my first pictures for this blog, a blog that I had been thinking of starting for quite some time now. Now with the words echoed by my boyfriend, “only point the gun…”

Just like the old saying, in order to succeed and truly make your dreams come true, you need to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. I was hella uncomfortable that day, but one thing’s for sure, I left that place feeling like I could conquer the world, Not with a gun of course hahahahaha!!! Moral of the story is, don’t be scared. Take that leap of faith. Always.

It’s apparent I’m bursting with excitement for my first post. I actually can’t contain myself. I am so happy to be sharing what I love and what makes my heart smile, fashion.♥

For this look, I went for an easy long black dress and khenti head wrap. There are multiple videos on the tube showing you different ways of how to get your head wrapped. I wore the most comfy simple black and gold plated sandals. I love accessories, they help bring what could seem like a boring outfit and give it colour. So I got this satchel red bag from H&M and the gold neck piece from legit.




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20160117_170853 (2)




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