The second of a four part series dedicated to ANGALIA. This one is called patience. I lack patience. Life will test your faith in God, because ultimately patience with God is faith. I am still working on my patience. Its a virtue I am trying so hard to master. This process of coming up with […]



Yes!!!! the site is finally up! if you didn’t know, I have started a women’s clothing brand that will be making beautiful proudly produced african garments. This will be the 1st of a four part series I will be blogging apart with regards to the first range of Angalia clothing. I will call this one […]


White Shirt and Mom Jeans

  White shirts and mom jeans. I wore this combo location scouting the other day. Test shots came out really cool,  So I thought I would share this look with you guys. I have been struggling to get the right fit of mom jeans, ones that are loose enough on the hips and just tight […]


Keeping up!!!

  Hey Guys!!. I wanted to make a recap of my favourites trends of 2016 and some that are on my wish list. Bare shoulders I love love love! From tops to cute dresses, off the shoulder items are great for this season. I have even made a couple of these for myself and I […]


SA Fashion Week

  Every Fashion lover’s dream is to be front row and centre of Fashion week. I attended three shows, being Rubicon, Floyd Avenue and Palse. I had fun on both nights. A little over rated if your expectations are too high, which I think mine were. However it’s a great time to engage and network […]


Monochrome love

  Some days I am full of questions about my existence and what I have contributed and still yet to contribute to this world. Most days I am in awe of God’s work that consistently keeps showing up in my friends and family. Its days like those that keep me inspired to live a life […]



  Yay!!!!!!! I am so happy for spring. I love this season so so much. It gives me so much hope. Around this time I feel like I can conquer the world. Just the symbol of old leaves falling away and new fresh flowers blossoming, gives me so much inspiration. I am just generally happy […]


Date Night

  Found this perfect little dress at H&M the other day, I love this colour. Just perfect for the upcoming Spring season. It’s also a perfect date night dress. You can even pair this dress with some nude/black pumps for your night out. In hindsight this dress was not my ideal length, a little racy […]


Mad about Denim

  Hi Guys!!!! The talk of the town. Denim on denim trend. This is my basic denim edition. I basically went through my closet and picked some of my current favourite denim items. For the denim shirt and jeans look , I picked denim colours that are closest to each other. I was lucky enough […]


And so it begins… A N G A L I A

  Everyday has felt like women’s day to me lately. Woman’s day commemorates the strong woman who took matters into their own hands and marched to the union buildings to petition against the country’s pass laws, an incredible feat which we today celebrate only on one day. I say it has felt like woman day […]


Thigh-High Loving

Yes!!!!! Thigh-High boots. I got these babies at Cotton On about a week ago. I was ecstatic!!! I had been searching for these boots for quite some time. In my head I have styled these boots with so many looks. It makes my heart so happy :). So brace yourself these will be making a […]



“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits. The rebels. The trouble makers. The round heads in the square holes.The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules and the have no respect for the status quo.You can quote them, disagree with, glorify or vilify them. The only thing you can’t do is ignore […]



I bit off a friends head off the other day when she said to me I take long gaps in between blog posts, She was right. However in my defence I have been really busy working on another project which required me to give it my 150% attention, I know its not a good enough […]


Looking through God’s window

It took me forever to post about our trip to Mpumalanga. Zethu and I traveled there a few weeks back. The drive to Mpumalanga took us four and a half hours from Jo’burg.  I hate long drives but this was not too bad considering the beautiful scenic views we saw on our way there. This […]


Quarter to Success

I cant believe it’s been three months since we launched TLIW. Yay!!!! Juggling my 9 to 5 and striving to give you guys good content on the blog hasn’t been easy, however it has been an amazing three months. The response and feedback has been amazing. A ginormous thank you to you all. I am […]


Military Base

A quick look of what I had the other day. I was feeling 100 when these pictures were taken. The MAC “Runway hit” matte lippie seemed to be a great idea at the time, until I saw these pictures. So I quickly dashed to the car to go change to one of my favourites “heroine” […]


Back to Black

  My favourite colour!!!Okay lemme tell you something. I can wear this colour everyday if I could. I had made a promise to my closet that I would give it some colour this winter, just to get out of the usual Blacks and greys it has every winter. I will keep you guys updated as […]


Classic Trench

I am so excited about this season,  mainly because I love winter fashion! One item you should include in your winter closet is of course a classic trench coat. Whether it be  black, navy, tan or beige, when you see one, don’t think twice. Just grab it. The Invention of the trench coat is claimed […]



In my very first post I quoted Zethu saying, “if you point the gun you must have an intention to shoot” and I’ve been reminding myself of this constantly, not only to shoot but to aim and hit the target. I will most likely miss a couple of times,  it will take time. However I […]


Retro rock

Its been a busy couple of weeks, nothing unsual there!Finding the time to post after work and considering our wifi(as we wait for fibre)has been down for weeks now, its been pretty hard to update my blog. So finally, I bring you this look. I bought this skirt last year around winter and since its […]

DSCF0134 (2)


“You need to try not to vocalise the things that bother you because then you perpetuate them even further. Focus on the good, focus on what feels good. Concentrate on what is good to you, concentrate on what nourishes your soul” – Said a very good friend of mine. I have been told all I […]

20160328_144051 (2)


I did myself the biggest favour and finally went to one of NtoZinhle’s pop up store that took place in the Vaal this past weekend. If you didn’t know, let me get you clued up. NtoZinhle (Meaning beautiful things), true to it’s name, sells the most exquisitely crafted pieces of African jewellery. If you familiar […]



On this Sunday, My boyfriend and I went around driving again looking for the perfect spot to take these pictures. We landed right in the heart of Brixton. As you will see by the pictures I chose, we took them at different locations in Brixton. I loved all the different textures this place had to […]


Maasai beauty

Owning a piece of African jewelry is more than just that. It’s possessing a world of culture and history in its own beautiful form. Even though there is history and meaning behind each piece, it’s the art in the jewelry that grabs the attention of most collectors just like myself. I got this beautifully crafted […]


Crazy over olive

Maybe olive green is the new black? The colour that everyone and their mommas have been wearing this past summer!             Outfit Details Top: Cotton on Jeggings: H&M Shoes: Stessy heels Aldo Fringe Bag: Foschini Sunglasses: Cotton on Photographer: Zethu Mashika (IG: @zethu_mash)


Corporate Africa

Simple. Clean. Chic. . Rushing to meetings all day and you still want to look your best? Without sounding too much like an infomercial Lol…!  These cute comfortable formal flats will take you right through your busy day and still maintain a stylish yet comfortable corporate look. These would be my basic personal corporate necessities. […]


African Crown

By now you’re probably thinking, “her head is always covered, my gully”. Well with time you’ll see that I love to cover my head. If it’s not a dramatic hat, it’ll be an African style head-wrap, just like a queen owning her throne. You’ll also see that my favourite colour is black. On this particular […]


Platform Brogue-ing

If you can provide me with height and comfort all in one shoe, then I’m the happiest girl in the world. I’m the ultimate bargain shopper and I’m always looking for sales. I found these gems at China Market. Platform Brogues have been on trend this past summer and when I saw this pair, I […]


Extraordinarily ordinary

  I am a dresses kinda girl. I like the easiness of throwing a one piece outfit on and a ready-to-go kinda look, I work in a corporate environment and since I’m not a morning person , putting on a dress in the morning is an easy, simple yet sophisticated outfit, but that’s a post […]

20160117_172439 (2)

Just pull the trigger.

So we’re at the shooting range, and the first thing my boyfriend says to me is, “only point the gun, if you have an intention to shoot”. My boyfriend (Also the guy who is responsible for these amazing pictures) had taken me to the shooting range that day. It was my very first time holding […]